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weeks to points across the united states. though not quite as many trees as in years past. >> our sales are going to be down around 15%. >> blame it on the economy. that cuts down on the number of corner lot days before christmas. but they aren't complaining about that. everyone is affected by the recession, they say. >> the way it is, we're lucky. >> one thing that is hurting, though, is the profit margin. the cost of many essential chemicals and fertilizers tripled last year. growers were told it was because of record fuel prices. those fuel prices did come down. but the prices of the materials did not. >> with the economy as it is, they can't pass on all of the higher costs, they say. just hope they can make up for it in the volume of sales. as for what you will pay for your tree once it gets to your favorite lot, depends on the tree. depends on the lot. but should be about the same as last year. $50, maybe a little more for a six to six and a half footer. as for anything, growers say it's best to shop around. >> among cities cutting their christmas tree budget, chicago officials are
published in the united states, the insurers have, indeed, moved to be supportive of those guidelines. >> reporter: and that has some women concerned. >> it makes you feel like everything is about the money. >> reporter: so far, there is no indication of what the insurance companies will do. the head of health and human services says she would be surprised if they changed their policy. teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. >>> and there are about 10,000 new cases of cervical cancer each year. more than 4,000 deaths. >>> a fantastic friday to close out the workweek. a live look outside now. plenty of sun and pleasant temperatures. but is more rain on the way? look at that. let's just hold on that for a minute. sorry, bob. bob is here with the updated numbers from wiefort warning weather. >>> foo -- first warning weather. >>> we got anin area wide. -- area wide. right now, very nice around the region. 55 degrees. no clouds. no rain around. our next weather maker. there it is. down across portions of southern texas. this area of rain right here is developing. and it's going to head off to the
terrorists were acquitted they would not be released in the united states. >> the attorney general also is responding to questions today about the forty hood shooting ram paid. >> reporter: he's disconcerned about the contacts between the shooting suspect and a radical overseas. there's e-mails did not advocate or threaten violence. police believe they signed open fire killing 13 people and wounding dozens of others. the government is in a process of conducting a federal review to determine if any internal warping signs were missed. >> okay. thank you. >> hello. we have had an above ground gas explosion. it's occurred shortly after 3:00 today. it's the 300 block of old stage road that's off off quarter field road. apparently, they were on the scene when above ground gas line apparently exploded. now it's not -- we don't know of injuries here at the scene. at this particular time, the damage appears to be reasonably minimal. no one has been sent to a local hospital. fire officials were on the scene a short time ago. they have shut off the gas line and appears there is no further danger f
land in the united states. hurricane season officially ends december 1st. and for gulf coast residents, they are happy ida is not closing things out with a bang. drew levinson, cbs news, biloxi, mississippi. >> ida has been pipballing around the gulf coast. so where will she go next? our first warning weather coverage begins with bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods. bernadette? >> reporter: well, ida has become tropical. and no longer are there going to be any updates coming from the national hurricane center, as of 10:00 this morning. the thing is, though, it's left its mark. all of this rain has come in because of ida. you can see it streaming off to the north. and where you see these reds, over an inch of rain plus incredibly gusty winds. parts of alabama and georgia have gotten between 3 and 5 inches of rain from this. let's switch it over to you and show you a satellite of it. 7:01 this morning eastern time, it made landfall. just around the mobile bay here. and as it's racing off to the east, all of that rain has really spread north of it because of a front that has been
. >>> the presidents of the united states and china can agree on one thing. they can depend on cooperation. joel brown reports for wjz, on the wide range of topics they covered. >> reporter: president obama and chinese president hu jintao ended their two-hour face-to- face meeting with a promise to work together. but no details on exactly how they'll cooperate. >> the cooperation between our two nations goes beyond any issue. >> reporter: they talked about north korea. they also talked trade. president obama called on chinese officials to change some policies. but u.s. officials believe it gives china an unfair advantage in the u.s. market. but the president couldn't put much leverage behind that call. the u.s. remains in debt to china to the tune of $800 billion. >> reporter: president obama did make a point of bringing up the controversial topic of human rights, just one day after he urged chinese leaders to stop censuring websites like facebook and twitter. >> reporter: president hu remained stone-faced as president obama talked about america's belief that all men and women possess certain basic ri
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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